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August 10th, 2017

Ace Attorney 15th Anniversary Orchestra CD releases Sept. 13


Back in May, Japanese fans of Ace Attorney were treated to a special 15th anniversary orchestra concert for the series, featuring not only music from the original trilogy but from the Investigations and 3DS era as well. Today, Capcom has announced a recording of the concert will be made available as a 2-CD set this September!

The track listing is as follows:

Disc one
1. Phoenix Wright ~ Objection!
2. Ace Attorney 5 Courtroom Suite
3. Ace Attorney 6 Courtroom Suite
4. Ace Attorney Investigations Meeting Suite
5. Ace Attorney Investigations Suite ~ The Great Path
6. The Great Ace Attorney Suite

Disc two
7. Great Revival ~ Miles Edgeworth
8. Maya Fey ~ Turnabout Sisters' Theme
9. Godot ~ The Fragrance of Dark Coffee
10. Ace Attorney 1-3 Courtroom Suite
11. Ace Attorney 4 Courtroom Suite
12. The Great Ace Attorney Suite Continued
13. The Steel Samurai

Since this is a CD, it should be pretty easy to import. We'll let you know more details closer to the release date!

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August 9th, 2017

DGS2 week one sales: ~80,000 units

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August 9th, 2017

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney coming to 3DS this November!


Source: Link

The final mainline game has been announced for a November release on the 3DS!
It appears the price will be $19.99USD

Mod edit: This leaked a while back, but it's officially confirmed! The game will feature Japanese/English toggles and the ability to skip text from the get-go. No precise release date has been announced yet.

The release seems to be digital-only in the west, but Japan will have a physical release, including a collector's edition and a special AA1-6 collector's edition, as well as a super-premium edition with a gold plate.

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August 8th, 2017

Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 OST now available digitally

Got a Japanese billing address (or some iTunes credit)? Then you can pick up the Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 OST digitally today from iTunes Japan, Amazon Japan, and other digital storefronts.

The release is two discs and 49 tracks, but the final 8 tracks are beta versions of existing songs. None of the music from DGS1 is included.

Spoiler: Track list; some names contain spoilers
Disc One
1. Naruhodou Ryuunosuke ~ Prelude to Resolve
2. The Great Turnabout Never Ends (Music Box - Excerpt)
3. Jingle: Opening [Resolve Chapter]
4. Prelude to the Blossoming Attorney
5. Naruhodou Ryuutarou ~ Objection!
6. Mamemomi Heita ~ Reporter Mamemomi's Justice
7. William Petenshy ~ Shakespeare of the Slums
8. Reminiscing ~ Intersecting Murders
9. The Great Exhibition
10. Dr. Dobinbough ~ Science Boy
11. The Wax Museum
12. Madam Rozaic ~ Mysteries Pressed in Wax
13. Reminiscing ~ Shattered Formulas
14. Doctor Sithe ~ The Solitary Coroner
15. Enoch Drebber ~ The Link Between Science and Magic
16. Murder in the Dark
17. The Professor ~ The Phantom Lives
18. A Grand Return
19. The Revived Prosecutor
20. The Legend of the Baskervilles
21. The Prison Guards
22. Surrounded by Nothingness
23. Reminiscing ~ Bonds Forged in Travel
24. The Great Detective's Friendship
25. German Song ~ Solo of Rage
26. Jingle: Intermission [Resolve Chapter]

Disc Two
1. The Great Defendant's Lobby (Alternate Arrange)
2. The Great Secret Trial ~ Court Begins
3. Van Zieks' Reminiscence
4. Reasoning War - Backstage (Partners Chapter)
5. Partners ~ The Game is Afoot!
6. Reminiscing ~ At Ambition's End
7. Overture to Pursuit
8. Great Pursuit ~ The Resolve of Naruhodou Ryuunosuke
9. The Gate to the Truth
10. Won the Case ~ The Last Great Victory
11. The Great Turnabout Never Ends (Music Box)
12. Each One's Path
13. A Farewell ~ His Last Bow
14. Ending Suite [An Ode to Never Forgetting]
15. Great Ending ~ Epilogue
16. Jingle: Opening [Resolve Chapter] | Beta Version
17. The Great Exhibition | Beta Version
18. Dr. Dobinbough | Beta Version
19. Madam Rozaic | Beta Version
20. A Solo of Rage | Beta Version
21. The Great Secret Trial | Beta Version 1
22. The Great Secret Trial | Beta Version 2
23. Partners | Initial Version

If you can't purchase the digital edition, the physical version will be released in one week, and available through most Japanese CD import sites.

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August 3rd, 2017

The Great Ace Attorney case one translation patch is out!


Those of you who tuned into our DGS2 stream earlier today have already heard, but if you haven't, good news: the translation patch for the first case of Dai Gyakuten Saiban is now available!

For full details, check out the translation group's site, Scarlet Study. You'll need a physical copy of DGS1 and a 3DS capable of homebrew (the site links to a guide to setting homebrew up if you haven't already).

Our congratulations to the team on this first release, and here's looking forward to the remaining four cases (and beyond)!

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August 2nd, 2017

Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 launches in Japan


Three and a half years ago, the late Satoru Iwata let the world know that a new Ace Attorney was coming to the 3DS - one that would see the return of series creator Shuu Takumi and bring an entirely new perspective to the series. There were a lot of guesses in the following months, but I don't think anyone landed on "Meiji/Victorian setting featuring Sherlock Holmes." When Dai Gyakuten Saiban was released in July 2015, it was a breath of fresh air with two major problems: it wasn't coming to the West, and it didn't actually finish its plotline.

Now, two years after DGS1, Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 is set to launch today (well, about ten hours from now), promising something an Ace Attorney game has never tried before: a direct sequel focused on resolving the previous game's plotlines, with the same core cast and aesthetic. Will it succeed in that? We'll know soon enough. If you want to get a taste of the game ASAP, we'll be streaming the first case; if you want to discuss the game at a more leisurely pace, the World's Fair subforum is now open; and if you want to chat about the game in our new Discord, #world-fair is the DGS2 spoiler channel.

Of course, there is still that first problem - DGS1 never made its way West, and it seems likely DGS2 will follow in its predecessor's footsteps. But don't despair! The Dai Gyakuten Saiban Youtube sub team plans to cover DGS2 as well, and the DGS1 fan translation patch team is already working on updating their tools to work with the sequel. One way or another, Western fans will have the chance to experience the game for themselves.

And on that note, for the second - and perhaps final - time, it's my honor to say: the game is afoot!

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August 1st, 2017

Court-Records is streaming the first case of DGS2!


It's been a long, long wait for fans of the game, but after two years, Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 releases in Japan this Wednesday! (Well, this Thursday for Japan, but Wednesday for the rest of the world.) To celebrate, CR is hosting a livestream of the game's first case as soon as the game is available! That's as soon as the clock ticks over to Thursday in Japan, which translates to Wednesday at 3 PM UTC, 11 AM Eastern, and 8 AM Pacific.

The stream will be taking place at our CyTube channel (https://cytube.court-records.net/r/cr). While we won't be providing line-by-line translations, there'll be a few Japanese speakers in the chat to help give folks the rundown of what's going on. And you don't need to speak Japanese to enjoy the animations or music, after all!

Finally, you may want to stick around to the very end of the stream. If all goes well, we'll have one more surprise to show off...

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July 31st, 2017

The CR Discord is dead; long live the Ace Attorney Discord!

Important news: the CR Discord is shuttering and merging with a new one!

Now that I've got your attention, a little more context. When we opened our Discord we wanted to have a place for both CR members and folks who didn't usually frequent the forums to chat about AA in a laid-back but still friendly environment. But as it turns out - and as most of you are painfully aware - we had neither the staff nor the expertise to moderate an active chatroom, and things went downhill pretty quickly.

After talking it over, we decided that rather than try and reboot this server, it made more sense for us to work together with an existing AA Discord that has the mod staff to keep things running smoothly. So as of Wednesday (DGS2's release date), the CR Discord will switch to a read-only mode, and the Ace Attorney Discord will be partnering with CR as our go-to Discord; their team will own the server, but there'll be a channel for CR-related questions and submissions, and our staff will be present there as well.

One very important thing - we wound up letting our server get a bit too lawless, and that's on us. But the new server has its own set of rules and standards, and you all should be sure to read and abide by them.

While this server never really worked out the way we hoped, there were still at least some good times along the way. We appreciate everyone who took the time to hang out here, and we again apologize that we dropped the ball on running it. We hope that you all have a good time on the new Discord!

tl;dr you should head over to the AA Discord as soon as possible - and here's an invite to help you find your way!


PS: The Discord team is collecting feedback and wants people to know there's a form available for appealing bans, so:
Server feedback: https://goo.gl/forms/HNDhDp7PjuXrke472
Ban appeals: https://goo.gl/forms/jrSu1sWQQXuX6tIF3

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July 25th, 2017

DGS2 in Famitsu 7/25: The Masked Man and Barok


With DGS2 out next week, Famitsu brings one last article previewing the game! The masked man seen on the cover art and in the trailers is confirmed as a compatriot of van Zieks, and the magazine describes an incident where the two of them are attacked by a mysterious group. The rest of the 12-page spread is dedicated to revisiting DGS1, providing Famitsu's impressions on DGS2, and an interview with the game's staff.

Additionally, Famitsu's four reviewers gave the game a 9/9/8/8 for a total of 34/40.

As always, scans will be provided when available.

Update: Full scans (excluding the DGS1 recap pages):

Spoiler: Scans

The only new story info about the game itself is the aforementioned incident of Barok and his attendant being attacked. Despite the masked man's skill, he has no recollection of his name or past, and nobody has seen his face. Very mysterious!

The reviews and play impressions for the game are generally positive, with particular praise for how the game addresses all the lingering mysteries and the speed of the plot from the third episode onwards, though a few of the reviewers wish there could have been new gameplay systems [DGS2 is the first AA game with no new major gameplay systems since AA3]. The reviewers averaged 30 hours to finish the game. As for the extended impressions, the author is pretty much just gushing about the game as a DGS1 fan, but also notes that the ending felt like "it had to be this" (in a good way), that there was a strong sense of catharsis, and that Takumi's writing style shined through. More details on the interview with the staff as we translate...

Update 2: Some dev details from the interview. The second half will run in next week's issue.
-Nuri was the one to come up with the World's Fair theme, since he was tired of always drawing small locked rooms as murder scenes.
-Thomas Romain (who also worked on DGS1) designed several aspects of the World's Fair due to his history with mecha designs.
-Romain was also a big help in designing various London areas because he came from Europe.
-Takumi wanted to write cases that could _only_ happen in 19th-century London.
-Takumi had the general plot for the series outlined since DGS1, but writing DGS2 still took longer than expected. He'd hoped to finish the scenario before proper development began but instead went back and forth with the development team.
-As before, Takumi wanted to make a game that felt distinct from the original trilogy but also lived up to it. When discussing the scenario with his team, he would often take their guesses on where the story would wind up as a kind of challenge and strive to make the plot even better than they thought.
-The team was a little surprised by how popular Asougi was, but this time they feel all the main characters get spotlights and development a bit more evenly.
-Takumi enjoys the Holmes stories by Robert L. Fish for showing a Holmes who can be a bit nonsensical. He also recommends the first batch of Doyle's Holmes stories.
-Takumi's never been to London (though he asked if the team could go for, uh, "research".) Nuri visited once as a student. Eshiro went several times while working on DmC: Devil May Cry.
-Takumi recommends Asougi's fans play the Asougi Asinine Attorney mini-case... and van Zieks' play the Holmes mini-case.

Update 3: Ash has translated the interview in full:

Ash wrote:

In addition, we have full art of the "Masked Disciple" (as the site calls him) now:

Spoiler: Official art

Just a week to go!

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July 20th, 2017

Takumi signing copies of DGS2 in Tokyo and Osaka

Takumi has been released from his cage tweeting again lately as Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 will be released soon, and today he announced he and producer Eshiro will be signing copies of DGS2 at the following locations/days:

August 3rd (release date): BIC Camera Shinjuku West Store (Tokyo) between 12:00~13:00.
August 4th: Joshin Denki Diskpier Nipponbashi Store (Osaka) between 18:30~19:30.

You'll need to purchase your copy of the game at those stores for it to get signed, obviously (You can buy your game on the 3rd at Joshin Denki to get it signed on the 4th in case you don't want to wait, as long as you keep your receipt to prove you bought it there). So if you happen to be near any of those two cities in two weeks...

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