Kristoph Gavin / Kirihito Garyuu


Age: 32
Gender: Male
Height: ??
Occupation: Defense Attorney
Official Art

Apollo's mentor in GS4.

Personality: Kristoph is one cool customer. Always calm, collected, and elegant. Though he has a subtle sense of humor, he's also intimidating in court, to even Apollo himself. A perfectionist above all else.

Misc Facts: The development team had some trouble coming up with the original concept for Kristoph. It wasn't until after they focused on Klavier that they were able to mirror some of his image back onto his older brother.

Character designer Nuri also says that in some of his earlier ideas for Kristoph, his underlying theme was that of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, and that's where the "drill hair" came from. Other inspirations included "an American lawyer" and "a Meji Era gentleman."

Kristoph is a fan of Ariadoney clear nail polish.

Friends and Family: A long time friend of Phoenix, and Apollo's mentor. Is also Klavier's older brother.

Name Origin:
: The last name had to be kept with a "G" to match Klavier and his necklace. Other than that, not sure of the origins (other than the two brothers' names kind of sound like they go together). But it's spelled as if it's a German name (maybe he'll be German instead of American...?)

Japanese: There's apparently some confusion among Japanese fans as to what Garyuu's name pun might be. Though Kirihito, based on the kanji, means "man of mist", his surname is made up of the kanji "fang" and a kanji for "flow" which is more commonly used for naming places rather than people, so I've read. However, at least three different words have the spelling "garyuu" - "a great man"; "a dragon's fang"; "a self-taught man". The fang kanji probably comes from the second word, where as the second kanji is very close to the second kanji in "self taught".

Spoiler: 4-4  
If you turn "kirihito" to "hitokiri" it means "killer."

Background:  Kristoph has been studying law ever since Phoenix's hay day in the original trilogy. He first met Phoenix seven years ago...

Spoiler: 4-4  
When famous magician Zak Gramarye was arrested for the murder of his master, Kristoph saw it as a great opportunity to advance his career. He approached Zak to take his case, and even decided to forge a piece of evidence that would be sure to seal his acquittal. He met with young forgery expert Vera Misham, and asked her to create for him a page out of Magnifi's journal that would implicate Valant instead of Zak.

To make sure that Vera wouldn't be able to implicate him later as having asked for forged evidence, Kristoph gave Vera a bottle of nail polish laced with a deadly poison. It ended up not working.

But before the trial took place, Zak insisted on playing a game of cards. Kristoph lost, and was fired as Zak's lawyer. It wasn't long afterwards that he learned Phoenix Wright was to take the case instead. In his anger for having been turned aside, Kristoph went to his brother Klavier, who would be prosecuting the case (his first case). He told Klavier that Phoenix intended to present a piece of fake evidence, and that if he wanted to catch him in the act he should ask the forger to testify.

The next day, Kristoph handed off the evidence he'd had forged to Trucy, with instructions to take it to Phoenix. She did so, and when Phoenix tried to present the evidence in court, Klavier was prepared with his witness. Phoenix lost the case, just like Kristoph wanted.

But then something happened Kristoph wasn't prepared for: Zak escaped custody and disappeared. Kristoph knew that if Zak reappeared, and if he told anyone that Kristoph had been his lawyer before Phoenix, everyone might find out that he had ordered the forgery after all. He tried to cover his tracks by sending to Vera a stamp also laced with poison, instructing her to use it when she sent back his receipt. But Vera escaped death again by deciding to save the stamp, which featured her favorite magicians, the Gramaryes.

Desperate to remain clear of suspicion, Kristoph began to spy on all the related parties that were left: he befriended Phoenix by defending him against the allegations of forgery, and kept tabs on the Mishams, as well as Zak's friend Spark Brushel. For seven years he kept a close eye on anyone who could potentially harm him, which all came to an end with Zak returned under the guise of Shadi Smith.